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McMillen Chiropractic  &   Rehabilitation   Center           McMillen Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center

                                                         Dr. Scott McMillen  Clinic Director 

                               Dr. Brent Heitmeyer


1155 E. Waterloo Rd      Akron, Ohio  44306  (right next to Citizen's Bank)
            We accept most insurances, auto accidents and Worker's Compensation

Are you tired of being in PAIN?  Call us now at (330) 724-2225 and we can see you TODAY !  

                                               Your 1st visit is just $20. (Does not include Medicare, Medicaid or federally funded plans)



These are the conditions we successfully treat:

1.) Neck Pain

2.) Lower back pain

3.) Sciatica (leg pain or numbness)

4.) Headaches

5.) Fibromylagia

6.) Muscle spasms/ tight shoulders

7.) Pinched nerves

8.) Herniated, bugled or degenerative discs

9.) Spinal stenosis

10.) Worker's Comp injuries

11.) Auto Injuries

12.) Shoulder injuries

13.) Knee pain

You may call us at 330-724-2225 for an appointment or if you have any questions...please e-mail us at mcmillenchiropractic1155@gmail.com. Just e-mail your question to our doctors and they will help you.

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