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Akron Chiropractor, Chiropractor in Akron, OH

McMillen Chiropractic  &   Rehabilitation   Center           McMillen Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Center

                                                         Dr. Scott McMillen  Clinic Director 

                               Dr. Brent Heitmeyer


1155 E. Waterloo Rd      Akron, Ohio  44306  (right next to Citizen's Bank)
            We accept most insurances, auto accidents and Worker's Compensation

Are you tired of being in PAIN?  Call us now at (330) 724-2225 and we can see you TODAY !  

                                               Your 1st visit is just $20. (Does not include Medicare, Medicaid or federally funded plans)


$20   for your 1st visit     (when you mention this offer)


1. Consultation with the Doctor                         Massage Therapy available by Ohio                                              Licensed Massage therapists

2. Examination

3. X-rays (if necessary)

(does not include Medicare, Medicaid prgrams or Federal programs)  


         We accept most insurances. 

What types of problems do we successfully treat ?



We are Certified to treat Worker's Compensation (Work Injuries)  and Auto Accident Injuries. If you had an auto accident, and you have an attorney, we will work with your attorney closely.

    Here is a list of conditions we commonly treat:

1.) Back pain (Chronic to mild)

2.) Disc problems (herniations, bulges and deteriorated discs)

3.) Neck Pain (severe to mild stiffness)- including FIBROMYALGIA

4.) Middle back and Upper back pains/tension

5.) Shoulder pain

6.) Arm or Hand Numbness , Tingling or Pain

7.) Leg Pain, Numbness or Tingling (SCIATICA)

8.) Headaches (Very high success rate for eliminating headaches)

9.) Migraines

10.) Hip Pain (Hard to get up out of a chair after sitting )

11.) Wrist pain (Carpal Tunnel and Joint cracking)

12.) Knee Pain (Arthritic knee conditions, old knee injuries from cartiladge or ligament problems)

13.) Elbow Pain/ Tennis elbow (very common and very correctable without surgery)

14.) Ankle pain or Feet Turning In ( HINT: Your shoes will be wearing more on one part of the bottom than the other)

15.) Dizziness-Vertigo

16.) Tailbone Pain when you sit

17.) Scoliosis or Curvature of the Spine (An extremely overlooked and missed condition which usually progresses without non surgical treatment.)

18.) Whiplash (Neck Pain)

19.) Fibromyalgia

20.) Chronic fatique 

Disc Herniations, Disc Bulges or Deteriorated Discs ? 

                 New FDA APPROVED treatment may help.   The disc is a small cartilage pad that is situated between spinal bones. The soft jellylike center is contained by layers of fibrous tissues. Each disc serves as a connector, spacer, and shock absorber for the spine. When herniated, bulged or deteriorated patients will lose ranges of motion (movement), have constant lower back pain or sciatica (leg pain).  They can also develop numbness or tingling into the legs or feet.

What can we do? There is a new FDA Approved Treatment for Disc problems. It's name is Advanced NON-SURGICAL Spinal Decompression Therapy. The results in our office have been amazing. These poor patients who once thought they would have to live with that pain the rest of their lives now can get their life back. They can truly get rid of their pain without the need for drugs or surgery. Seeing it and speaking with patients whom have had it done will convince you that if you are suffering from any type of disc problems, you too may be a candidate. This new treatment has an extremely high success rate for helping patients with serious disc problems.  This treatment is also very affordable so if you are having any type of disc problem, you may be a candidate for this life changing treatment.

Our Akron, OH chiropractic office can greatly help with many conditions including: Allergy, Disc problems, Whiplash, Osteoarthritis, Joint Dysfunction, neck/low back pain, headaches, sciatica, pinched nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome, maintenance care and fibromyalgia.